About Civetta LA

Civetta is a yoga inspired jewelry line founded on the idea that beautiful jewelry can have a meaning and a purpose. A true meaning and message unique to each wearer. Civetta is for the effortlessly chic individual who has their own style, and is prepared to experiment with unique, unusual pieces, handcrafted and designed to be worn with intention.


meet the Artist

Michelle Thomas has always had a creative soul and seeking spirit. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Michelle moved to Los Angeles to pursue her creative interests in the entertainment industry. It is here that she has been able to work with A-list actors and filmmakers, and become an emerging independent film producer.

It’s also here where her passion for yoga and and fascination with gemstones and jewelry was born. Michelle draws her inspiration for her jewelry line from her yoga practice and her connection to the world around her.

Each stone is hand-picked by Michelle and transformed from a solitary gemstone into a wearable treasure with a unique meaning and story to tell.